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Finding positives amid a pandemic


In a matter of months, lives across the world have changed beyond recognition. There’s no need for me to go into detail about the impact this has had on people – especially those who have been unfortunate enough to lose loved ones. It’s agonising to try and comprehend.

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‘Mind your own’ – social media and our heads

My head has been aching recently. Physically and metaphorically. The weight of being a millennial with an iPhone has been growing heavier, powered by stress and being generally unwell over the last few months. First world problems, right?

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News curation – Storify

Storify prntscrn

Screenshot from my Storify page

This blog post was written as part of a university project.

Storify was a completely new concept to me when I was instructed to use it for my assignment. When I first logged into the website, I was confused by the layout: the way users have the option to comment on each separate paragraph of text and being able to import items from Twitter, Facebook and the internet is something I wasn’t aware I could do online.

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I am new to this blogging scene, and as this is my first post, I should probably introduce myself!

My name is Beth and I’m a London-born English student studying in Bournemouth. Mainly, I’m an excitable character with a lot of hopes and dreams.

An aspiration of mine which I’m particularly keen on fulfilling is seeing as much of the Earth as I can. There’s a lot of clichés surrounding travelling, but we have a whole planet to explore and I don’t wish to forever remain on one tiny piece of it. 

I hope to pursue the world of correspondence after I graduate from University, but the future is a mystery and I like to leave my options open as much as possible. 

All in all – 

I hope that this blog provides topical and opinionated posts as well as photographs and whatever else I deem interesting enough to be shared. I also hope that whoever stumbles across this cyberspace place enjoys what they find!