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The beginning of the middle

I am officially a second year student – WHERE DID MY FRESHERHOOD GO?!

I can’t believe how quickly time has flown – the months have honestly passed like sand slipping through my fingers. This time 3/4 months ago, I was studying for exams and planning my summer – I couldn’t wait to go away and chill out, see my friends from home and be back in my old familiar surroundings. Although I had the best experiences in first year, and a lot of crazy, hilarious and memorable moments, I couldn’t wait for the intense joy of doing absolutely nothing for a while. Continue reading


Farewell fresherhood

University so far has been the most bizarre, hilarious, challenging and lazy time of my life. Therefore apologies if I get a little carried away with this one – there’s a lot to say!

In September 2013, I moved into the 9th floor of a huge block of flats with immense amounts of clothes, books, stationary and stuff I probably (definitely) didn’t need. A prime example is high heels, which I wore once in nine months, plus a load of similar jumpers and hundreds of socks and items I never use/wear/remember owning. Continue reading