Big kicks and animal print: My fav looks from this summer

Well, here goes! I’ve wanted to write another fashion blog post for so long, and now that summer is nearly done *sob*, I realised I’d better get a move on. 

I think I’ve delayed getting something written up because I am categorically not a fashion expert – far from it! I’ve never studied it, I don’t know the terminology, and I don’t follow any fashion shows (unless you count watching Tan french-tuck every top ever on Queer Eye). 

But all of that aside, clothes are my guilty pleasure. Putting together an outfit that makes you feel good and that expresses yourself is just so satisfying. Call me materialistic if you like! But I just love materials. 

I fully appreciate that what looks great to some may look awful to others. For me, I really enjoy trying new styles, appreciating the details that tie an outfit together, and adding new numbers to my clothes rail. 

So now that the evenings are drawing to a earlier close and there’s a chill in the air, I thought I’d whip up my top ten favourite dusk-to-dawn looks from the bizarre summer of 2020. 

I’ve included outfit details below because it’s what all the proper fashion bloggers do, but please note that most of my clothes are old enough to take out a mortgage, so some of them won’t be stocked anymore!

First up, we have daywear – for running around town, laying in the local park or sitting six feet away from your mate in the garden.

Look one: The rock-chic (lol)

Top: Bershka / Skirt: New Look / Shoes: Zara / Bag and headband: Pull & Bear

First of all, sorry to my friends who have seen me donning this top more times than I’d like to admit over the last few months. But I love the band and the bold colours, and I’m really enjoying wearing clashing patterns at the moment, so this combo has been one of my favourite go-tos.

Much like the Fila-wearing Gen Zs of this era, I’m also big on chunky (but cheap) trainers, so I’ve been bouncing around in these pink kicks a lot this year. This is a really simple outfit that can be thrown on but small details, like the headband, make it seem like a bit of thought has gone into it.

Look two: Lord, that’s a lot of cord

Top and shoes: Pretty Little Thing / Skirt: Primark / Bag: a prezzie! / Glasses: Asos

Corduroy in summer, I hear you cry! Yes, I know. But I really like the colour of this skirt with the renaissance bardot-style top. Having said that, there’s loads of different tones in the top, so blue, black, pink and plenty of other coloured bottoms would go nicely with it I reckon.

I’ve always been drawn to earthy tones, even in summer, so teaming this outfit with the beige wicker shoes and bag just felt right! Brown and gold sunnies complete the look, and I’ve opted for minimal jewellery here.

Look three: Wake and snake

Skirt and jacket: New Look / Top: Primark / Shoes: Topshop / Bag: White Stuff 

Goodness me, these captions are taking a turn for the worst aren’t they? However, I am a big fan of this snakeskin skirt, and think it works best when worn with simple cuts and block colours. These sandals were around when dinosaurs walked the earth (I got them second hand from a velociraptor), but I still love them and think they add a little something to the outfit. And you can’t go wrong with a cropped denim jacket in my opinion.

Look four: Dunga-b

Bag: Zara / Dungarees and hat: Asos / Top: Pull & Bear / Shoes: Superga 

I have loved dungarees since I was tiny – some things never change! I am also a fan of knitted tops, and I think the colours in this bralette brighten up an otherwise dark outfit. I’ve kept it simple with a plain bag, hat, and my trusty Supergas which go really well with loads of my outfits throughout the summer months.

Look five: Blimey, that’s bright

Top: Asos / Skirt: H&M / Shoes: Nike / Irredescent choker: a prezzie! / Headphones (if you’re interested): Sony

Clearly, this outfit has been inspired by the undisputed song of the summer, Blinding Lights. With box-fresh bright white Nikes and a dark denim skirt to detract from an otherwise bold look, this is a perfect outfit for strolling around, listening to The Weeknd and keeping it simple.

Look six: International but casual

Top: Pretty Little Thing / Trousers: H&M / Shoes: Vans / Sunnies: Asos

I know the title doesn’t rhyme and the photo quality is poor, and for that I’m sorry. Moving swiftly on, these trousers are another total staple of my wardrobe, simply because they are SO comfy. They’re essentially smart trackies and they might not be the most gorgeous bottoms to ever grace the earth, but for an everyday dossing-about look, who cares?

I’m a big fan of maps and globes, so the print on the top was a selling point for me, and I think Vans make any casual outfit look more appealing! Big sunglasses have also been a key feature of my summer, and are ideal for when you’re feeling a bit rough and ready.

Look seven: I got sole but I’m not a soldier

Shirt: Urban Outfitters / Top, bag and shoes: Topshop / Skirt: Pretty Little Thing / Sunnies: Asos

Big soles have my heart! And these trainers are no exception. This skirt has seen its fair share of outings this year due to its versatility – it goes with any colour and can be dressed up and down.

The shirt adds a nice pop of colour to a cute but fairly basic look, and the textured wool bag and tortoise-shell sunglasses add extra dimensions. Swapping the big shoes for some sandals is a simple way of bringing the outfit (and my height) down a notch.

Okay, I think that’s a wrap for day wear. Plenty of looks, plenty of occasions, plenty of bad puns.

Next up, evening wear – for going to dinner, getting a little bit boozy in a beer garden, and carrying around your hand sanitiser in style.

Look one: Monotonechrome

Jacket, shoes and earrings: New Look / Clutch: boutique

The same but different! Sometimes it doesn’t take much to shift a day-look to a night-look. In this case, I’ve swapped out the casual shirt for a black denim jacket, thrown aside the trainers in favour of some summery heels, and traded in the casual handbag for a clutch. Simple but effective. 

Look two: Blurry but furry

Top: Pretty Little Thing / Jeans: Stadivarius / Bag: Topshop / Shoes and earrings: New Look

Oops, I did it again. This is what happens when you opt for a cheap phone people. Sorry for the photo quality, but you get the gist! I really like asymmetry when it comes to tops, and this one-shouldered number has so much pretty detail. I’ve paired it with my favourite pair of jeans, chunky sandals, statement earrings and one of my beloved bags which has a really rich colour and feels as soft as it looks! 

Look three: Getting shirty

Top and chokers: Asos / Shirt: Pretty Little Thing / Bag: Topshop / Skirt and shoes: New Look

Red and leopard print are a solid duo, I’ve always thought. I really love the cut of this ‘milkmaid’ top and the fact that it’s so versatile. You can pop it under overalls or pair with jeans, and it instantly adds a bit of interest to an outfit. The chokers give off a bit of a grunge-vibe, but that’s okay with me! A daintier necklace, or nothing at all, would also work well.

Summer evenings in the UK are never reliable, so I’ve popped on a short-sleeved cord shirt and opted for simple heels and (another!) furry bag to finish the look. Again, I would wear trainers or flat sandals for a more casual evening out, or add a smarter jacket and clutch for a more dressy occasion.

So there you have it! Thanks so much for making it this far. Well done you.

Now it’s time to get the coats out from the back of the cupboard and swap the skirts and dresses for jeans and tights. As much as I’ve enjoyed this summer, I’m actually quite looking forward to wrapping up for winter and rediscovering the jumpers that have been hibernating under my bed! Stay tuned!