Life after uni

Since completing university in June with a 2:1 in English, the future has become a long stretch of empty canvas scattered with blots of uncertainty, fear and excitement, with the expectations of myself and others swirled into the mix.

Uni was incredibly tough, and it took its toll on me physically and mentally, but there isn’t a thing I would change about it, because I’ve always found happiness through writing and I made friends that I know will be in my life forever.

But what’s next? What am I to fill that empty canvas with? What will the question marks become?

Some people compare leaving uni to a mid-life crisis. It’s the time to come face-to-face with reality, and the safe bubble of relaxed, lazy, junk food and lie-in-fuelled life is burst all of a sudden. But I think it’s important to remember how the end of a degree is the start of so much more. Graduation, for me, will be the day that one door shuts, and a thousand more open.

It’s stressful, exhausting and daunting desperately seeking an employer’s approval and all the opportunities we are told are out there can be difficult to find. But the world is there waiting, and I can’t wait to see what stories the next chapter holds.


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