News curation – Storify

Storify prntscrn

Screenshot from my Storify page

This blog post was written as part of a university project.

Storify was a completely new concept to me when I was instructed to use it for my assignment. When I first logged into the website, I was confused by the layout: the way users have the option to comment on each separate paragraph of text and being able to import items from Twitter, Facebook and the internet is something I wasn’t aware I could do online.

Although supporting my work with the ideas of others is expected of me at university within essays and critical works, I was unfamiliar with this social media-based format. But after completing my first Storify, I found that I had actually enjoyed piecing together many different people’s opinions as well as my own to create something newsworthy and interesting.

The process of actually using Storify got easier as I persevered with it. For example, I found that using Getty images for aesthetics was easier than on most other platforms due to the copyright issues that often come with using images. The use of hashtags on Twitter also aided me in finding specific content from the social media site.

I developed my own style of Storifying, such as by breaking up imported content with my own reflections and context to make it easier for myself when writing and for the viewing audience to understand. All-in-all, I found Storify a useful tool which is very adept at bringing together multiple platforms in order to reflect on one particular idea or story.

The programme is a sign of the times – it highlights the importance of being able to pull various types of media and the views of many different people together at once in the digital age we live in. Using information from one platform is no longer enough, and Storify is the ideal tool for creating a well-balanced and insightful piece.



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