Autumn inspiration

Dust down your coats and woollies – Autumn is upon us, and this year has seen the season revert back to the good old days of traditional earthy shades, with some bold colours to break things up. Whether you team jackets with scarves, jeans with jumpers or jerseys with hats, you can stay warm, dry and still look fantastic in the months leading up to Christmas festivities.

As a final year university student, my priorities this year must lay with my studies, not with internet shopping during Topshop sales! However, if I find myself with a spare few hours, I wander to the local high street and spend far too long rifling through charity shop clothes rails in search of a bargain.
I’ve been lucky before, coming across a Levi denim jacket for only £5 and a Ralph Lauren jersey for £15. I’m not fussed by brand names, but to snap up designer garments for so cheap is super satisfying! Students are notorious for their interesting attire, so, especially if you are on campus, clashing colours and layering patterns is totally acceptable.
Completely unposed, natural photo of myself

Completely unposed, natural photo of myself

Above is a shot of me on campus. It’s a tea, one sugar, in case you were wondering!

I don’t give myself enough time in the mornings to mull over what I’m going to wear, and a quick glance out the window is the deciding factor between a hooded parka or light jacket. In this photo, I’ve mixed dark shades of olive and black with my favourite burgundy jacket and multicoloured glittery socks to tie the colours together. I am a sucker for shoes matching bags, so I rely on the shades I’m wearing to brighten the black of my boots and drawstring handbag.
Two of my friends rocking Autumn wear

Two of my friends rocking Autumn wear

My friends, pictured above, look great in similarly light jackets and simplistic jumpers and jeans/leggings with bags that stand out against darker shades. Camel coloured coats can instantly soften up outfits that consist of darker colours.

My housemate looks gorgeous in her dungaree dress and Docs

My housemate looks gorgeous in her dungaree dress and Docs

My housemate (above) has got thick tights and practical but striking metallic Doc Martens on to ensure warmth, with a bold denim dungaree dress to add character to the outfit. Shades of green are hugely complimentary to the season and her hair plait is a sweet and simple addition to an already cute and quirky outfit.

The key is to be yourself, whatever the season, yet it only takes a few simple tips such as choosing shades, prints and statement pieces that give something extra to your outfit, to ensure you stand out in the next few glorious months.

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