Travelling… on a budget!

Sagres, Portugal. We hired a car and stumbled upon this beautiful place!
Recently, my fantasy of packing a bag, getting on a plane and disappearing for a while has been getting the better of me. I’ve been looking at cheap European flights, internships in New Zealand and inter-railing, but as a student, I can’t imagine ever being able to fund the dream!

Travelling might be a cliche, something that every adolescent has become obsessed with in recent years, but it really is a huge ambition of mine to be able to experience other cultures as genuinely as I can. I’d love to stop off in various countries for a month at a time and embrace everything that nation has to offer (don’t worry, I know I sound pretentious!).

After consideration, I think the best bet for anyone who is hoping to travel on a budget, is to try and find work abroad. There are so many organisations that allow either postgraduates and those without many qualifications to take part in internships, apprenticeships or part-time work, which allow you to live and experience the country while earning enough to keep a roof over your head and your tummy full.

Cooking for yourself and eating locally-sourced food in the country you’re visiting is a great way to budget if you don’t want to work abroad or your wages are low. Also, staying in hostels (although not always pleasant) is a cheap alternative to pricey hotels. Rather than splashing out on guide-run tourist trips, it is a good idea to check out the local transportation and see if you can get yourself there for much cheaper. Exploring is free, and it is likely that you’ll stumble upon far more cultured and less commercially tainted areas while you wander.

If I am lucky enough to find work abroad after my graduation, or save enough to do some spontaneous travelling, I don’t want to be deterred by the expense of flights and the worry of paying for accommodation, but hope I will be brave enough to completely embrace any opportunity I get to visit parts of the world I haven’t yet seen!

A sheltered life is something that doesn’t appeal to me, and even though money is an obstacle, I am determined to feed my passion! These experiences are possible -–be adventurous, but be savvy, save and plan where you can.


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